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Archive for May, 2017

Top 8 Warning Signs of Computer or Server Trouble

Category: Technology

Image Credit : Pixabay It can be easy to dismiss certain warning signs that your computer systems are in trouble. Employees have work to do and just want to get things back to normal and move on with their tasks. Reboot and go. However, these warning signs are indications that something more troubling is on ...

Company Financial Post: Prosperous Entrepreneurs Features

Category: Mobile

It requires the strong-willed person in order to endeavor in to real life associated with company financial. Whilst many people give up everything for his or her company, its true which not really everybody tend to be allow to do this. If you’re considering creating your personal company, after that certainly you will discover e-commerce ...

Why Direct Debit Payments Work Best With Customers

Category: News

Today’s consumer landscape offers an abundance of choices and payment options. Regularly scheduled payments can be made manually or automatically through credit card accounts as well as through Bacs approved direct debits. Direct debits are withdrawn automatically from customer accounts on a day of their choosing, and are typically used for bill paying and other ...

Get on Board With the Rise of the Homemade Magazine

Category: Marketing

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own magazine? Did it seem like it was too hard, too much work, and you’d need too much money to even start it? Well, think again. Magazines, or zines as they are now commonly called, are blowing up right now. And they’re actually easy, fun, and inexpensive to ...

9 Ways to Keep IT Systems Secure

Category: Technology

Image Credit: Pixabay Protect with passwords Most cyber-attacks are possible because the passwords used by organisations and individuals aren’t as strong as they need to be. Every single piece of electronic equipment should be kept safe behind completely unique codes, and every password used to access them should be unique to each individual who has ...