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Archive for March, 2017

Must Know Facts About Domain Registrations

Category: News

The first step to set up an online presence is to register your domain name. Choosing the domain name is very important, and requires careful attention because the name you choose will impact your brand and user visits. An appropriate domain name also enhances your online presence by helping you increase search engine traffic as ...

5 Essential Study Apps for College Students

Category: News

If you’re in college, odds are you are own a smartphone. If you have a smartphone, odds are you frequently use apps. Have you ever stopped to consider whether or not these apps are assisting with or detracting from your educational goals? Here to help you with that is a list of five essential college ...

How Technology Has Changed College Campuses

Category: Mobile

Remember backpacks? Today you’re more likely to see students using technology in college. And the reason why is much simpler than you might initially think. Innovations in technology are drastically reshaping college campuses. From personal devices like iPads and smartphones to teaching tools like screens and testing materials, technology is changing the way information is ...

Advice for Incoming Computer Science Majors

Category: Mobile

If you’re thinking about becoming a computer science major, that’s very good news for you! Technology is one of the most well-paid, fastest-growing fields around, so you’re looking at a bright future. That said, it can be a daunting four years of study, so check out some of the following advice and make sure that ...