An Introduction to MEAN Stack Development

To deliver world-leading website applications requires solid partners such as front-end structures, database frameworks, libraries, and servers. In the past decade, many development technologies have emerged to aid the process…
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The necessary skills to make a positive impression

How to Choose the Best ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is of the utmost importance for every business because it offers the benefits of integrated and streamlined business processes, improved reporting capabilities, increasing productivity, better…
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PPC Live event March 2016 reviewed

PPC Live is run by Professional Pest Controller magazine, the official publication of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). The second event was held on 16 March 2016 at the East of England Showground near Peterborough and here we look at how it went for both delegates and exhibitors.
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The Real Life Superheroes

It is perhaps a sad sign of our times that we rarely hear good news through mainstream media. If you open a newspaper or watch the television news, you hear of yet another tragedy of war, a horrific accident or a financial struggle. Most of us feel helpless sitting in our homes and seeing the tragedies unfolding before our eyes. It is understandable then that good news stories of kindness, overcoming adversity and helping others that are shared online will often go viral. You have probably seen stories on social media that have been shared millions of times. They are often stories of regular people performing regular acts of kindness. We tend to cling on to these to restore our faith in humanity.
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