Promote iOS app with keyword installs

Due to the statistics, customers scroll the top 10 apps to choose a particular one, but how to promote ios app for it to have a top position? The sure-fire solution is a promotion by search requests or keywords. Your strategy with such a type of promotion depends on whether you have already had an experience or you’re a newbie. Let’s focus on both cases. 

If you’re just learning the basics, your main aim is to get to the index i. e. for your app to be visible in the list. Perform all optimization processes and updates before the promotion since any changes can cause losing your rank. Select search inputs that depict users’ intentions and your app’s functionality. Then, group these words and phrases according to their semantic and order 10-15 installs for 4-5 keywords for up to 4 days. As soon as your app’s position is top 20 or higher, increase the number of installs 1.5 times.

For experienced developers it’s recommended to analyze the info in the console first and classify the words into 3 groups: the ones with the rank 20 and higher, with 20-200 positions, and keywords that bring no results. For the first category, you should promote them by raising the volume of downloads 1.5 times. In the second case, order 10-15 installs per each keyword until it gets to the top 20. 

Note that during the promotion you have to select the region. The keyword “VPN” e. g. will be highly competitive in the USA and thus expensive. To save your money and reach better growth, you should rather use “VPN application free”. To analyze your results and promote ios app effectively, use either the platform providing the installs or the console as various resources use different formulas, and data can be different. is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.

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