Are Mobile Phones Killing Land Based Casinos

Will Land Based Casinos Die Out?

In this era of online technology flying into the stratosphere, many industries have been put at risk. Few buy newspapers anymore, but online news outlets are thriving. But smart newspaper outlets made the switch to the online world, avoiding themselves becoming obsolete. But other industries are not so lucky, and base their business squarely in the land based market.

One such industry is casinos. Land based casinos have long been the place for people to enjoy casino games, have a drink, and eat a meal. But with virtually every casino game now available online, accessible via mobile devices, does this mean that the land based casino world is set for imminent disaster?

Land Based Casinos Are Evolving

The interesting part about land based casinos is that they offer far more than just games. Virtually every venue has restaurants, cinemas, live entertainment, and a wide variety of other factors that draw customers. Evolving venues are already emphasising this part of their operation, ensuring that it is not just the casino games themselves that are pulling in business. As with news outlets that evolved to stay relevant, land based casinos are doing the same.

Different Experiences

There is a big difference between playing Bingo Australia on a mobile phone, and enjoying it with a group. Mobile bingo is plenty of fun, and a great way to pass the time. But a land based experience is different. The two offer different experiences, and can probably coexist side by side. In fact; there is even evidence to suggest that online casinos are increasing the business of land based operations, with the two industries feeding one another.

Convenience Versus Impact

As above, convenience does not necessarily outweigh the personal experience. Online casinos are indeed very convenient, allowing a person to play a game when, and if they feel like it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But a mobile phone will never recreate the enormous amounts of effort that go into designing an authentic land based casino experience. Brick and mortar venues put incredible amounts of effort into making a visit worthwhile. Again; nothing says that the two are not perfectly happy being two sustainable version of the same service.

Land Based Casinos Are Evolving

New technology is being invested into land based casinos all the time. From the latest slots that are an amazing spectacle to behold, to digitised roulette wheels that operate without a croupier, these venues are becoming digital wonderlands. Many are visiting simply to see how the industry is jumping forward into the future. This indicates that contrary to dying, they are becoming pioneers of interesting new innovations.

More Casinos Are Opening

Finally; a sign of a dying industry is when venues are closing. But on the contrary, the land based casino world is flourishing. There are multiple projects today, ushering in new casinos, and casino resort combinations. Again; the casino is just part of a bigger drawing card, generally focused around entertainment, or holiday destinations.

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