Month: August 2016


5 Essential Study Apps for College Students

Studying can be an exhausting, disorganized experience that will make you want to run far, far away from campus. However, studying is a critical part of your curriculum and responsibility when you are a college student. Whether you are going to University of Cincinnati or Georgia State University, a healthy percentage of your daily experience will be devoted to studying. There will be exams, quizzes and more that you have to focus on and tons of information that you have to memorize. Luckily, there are a number of apps for studying that make it a lot easier to keep all the information inside and prevent a situation where you have to cram. Cramming can actually have a negative effect, because it can cause you to lose information. If you spend too many nights cramming, it could really start to hurt your grades. The best part about some of these apps is that they are like free tutors kept neatly on our phone or tablet. Here are five essential study apps for college students.
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5 Helpful Apps for Teachers

In the college field, there is a lot of software for students, but what about software for professors? Whether you are teaching at Georgia State University or USC's GIS online degree program, there are a lot of apps that can make your job as a teacher much easier. These apps can help you detect plagiarism, organize grades, take notes and connect with students. When you are a professor, your goal is to make sure that your students are getting the most out of the material you are teaching, so if you can download a few apps to make your job much easier, you will be able to teach much more efficiently. As a professor, it isn't so much about working hard as it is about working smart. The smarter you work, the smarter your students will become. Here are five helpful apps for teachers.
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