5 Helpful Apps for Teachers

In the college field, there is a lot of software for students, but what about software for professors? Whether you are teaching at Georgia State University or USC’s GIS online degree program, there are a lot of apps that can make your job as a teacher much easier. These apps can help you detect plagiarism, organize grades, take notes and connect with students. When you are a professor, your goal is to make sure that your students are getting the most out of the material you are teaching, so if you can download a few apps to make your job much easier, you will be able to teach much more efficiently. As a professor, it isn’t so much about working hard as it is about working smart. The smarter you work, the smarter your students will become. Here are five helpful apps for teachers.

  1. Gradebook Pro

If you are the kind of professor that has trouble organizing grades (what professor doesn’t?), you will feel blessed to learn about Gradebook Pro, which will easily and intuitively save your grades according to your different classes. If you don’t already have Gradebook Pro and you are marking grades the old fashion way, you could be spending much longer than you have to on this process.

5 Helpful Apps for Teachers

  1. Grouptext

One of the best ways to get in touch with your students is through a group chat. Of course, you probably don’t want to do this with your lecture courses, but with some of your small classes, connecting with ten students is much easier on one message chain. With Grouptext, an app that allows you the opportunity to easily add a number of emails and phone numbers into one thread, you can communicate effortlessly with your pupils. This is essential when there is a change in an assignment, a quiz or more.

  1. DupliChecker

Plagiarism is a major problem in colleges – mostly because students can become lazy about their assignments. This isn’t so much about malice as it is about convenience, but it certainly shouldn’t be allowed. If you want to check a paper for plagiarism, you can easily plug in a bunch of text and the app will go to work. This can be a magical way to find out if a student has been stealing his or her work.

  1. CopyLeaks

If you want to check little chunks of text here and there for plagiarism, you may want to download CopyLeaks, which can be used to check sentences and smaller bits of text. Sometimes you want a quick way to check a small amount of text. There is a good chance that if a small chunk of text is copied, the whole thing is too.

  1. NotePad

On top of everything, professors will also get a lot of help from an app called NotePad, which is a beautiful way to keep your notes tidy and clean. You can enter your notes via text, or you can use your finger to write notes. In the end, many professors have a tablet, so this app can really make life convenient when it comes to note taking.

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