7 Top Cyber Security Tips that anyone can apply

Cyber security is a serious issue, and many get affected by it on a daily basis. Your resistance to such a problem starts when you realize that one day you can be the victim of hacking practices. Many ways are out there through which you can improve your cyber security levels. Have a look at 7 top cyber security tips to practice and expect great results on the move:

Cyber Security Tips

Networks need to be secured.

By using firewall and encryption information, internet connection needs to get secured at all times. Make sure that the Wi-Fi network, if you have any, is always secured using a strong password and preferably keep it hidden so that the network name is not getting broadcasted.

Security against spyware and viruses

There are a lot of antivirus software and antispyware that are available in the markets. It is easily available online from different vendors, which needs to get equipped and as well updated periodically on all the computers connected to the network. To correct the security problems and to improve the functionality of the software, the vendors provide patches and updates frequently for their products and the configuration for software must be made such that, automatically the updates are installed.

For protecting sensitive information, security practices must get established

For handling and protecting the personally identifiable information and other sensitive data by the employees, proper policies must get established. An employee must be made aware of the consequence of putting at risk the cyber security or violating the cyber security policies of your business.

Get employees educated on cyber threats

Along with how to keep your business data secure and the safe usage of the social networking sites, there are lots of cyber threats which must get taught to the employees. Employees must be made accountable if they are at fault for any failure in the internet security policies. Always your employees must get emphasized the consequences of revealing any data or trade secrets to the public or the competitors. You can give them proper security awareness training to make the prepared to face any possible threats.

Make it mandatory to use strong passwords and to change them frequently

Ask the employees to create strong passwords that use alphanumerical characters and one that cannot get easily guessed. Always for accessing sensitive information, consider implementing multifactor authentication. It is still advisable to keep changing the passwords as frequently as possible.

Important business data and information must have a backup copy

All the electronics data are always vulnerable to cyber attacks. It is a must to have an additional backup of the data present in all the computers, so if any one of the systems crashes, you will have the data stored safely. The backup copy can get stored either offsite or on the cloud and can be made to backup automatically.

Physical access to the computers and networks must get controlled

Any unauthorized individuals must not be given access to enter and use the business computers. Items that can be easily stolen such as laptop, tabs or iPads must be kept under lock when unattended. For each employee, separate accounts must be created with a strong password. Only IT and key personnel must be given administrative privileges.

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