The Unbelievable Video Game Modding Community

The Incredible Video Game Modding Scene

Modding, or modifying games, is a massive, multifaceted online subculture. It is more or less expected these days that, almost immediately upon release, fans are going to adjust or tweak some aspect of a new game. Though to what extent, and how much effort might go into each mod, varies drastically.

Sometimes something as simple as a new outfit is added, while other times the game is almost entirely tweaked from the ground up. The more celebrated mods, meanwhile, can be considered an entirely new game.

But perhaps the most fascinating part of the whole situation is that mods are free.

Brutal Doom

Brutal Doom, an enormously detailed and stunningly advanced version of the classic Doom, is regarded as one of the greatest mods of all time. Put together over many years by Brazilian modder Marcos Abenante, otherwise known as Sergeant_Mark_IV, the level of effort that went into the project is stunning.

Extensive new animations and systems have been inserted into the game, including an array of new weapons, new character AI, and a veritable ocean of new blood. John Romero, one of the original creators of Doom, went on record to declare that if his game had released with half the features of Brutal Doom, it would likely have destroyed the gaming industry.

While you’re waiting for your free Brutal Doom mod to download, you can always read more about other entertainment options online.

Free For All

But, what exactly has Marcos Abenante got for his efforts? Although various companies have tried, and largely failed to monetise mods, most modders do their work for free. It’s true that Abenante has reportedly received monetary support from the community to continue his work, but that can hardly be called a stable income.

The key is that the biggest, and most successful mods have gone on to launch immensely successful careers. The enormously successful DayZ, which was originally a mod for the popular Arma series of military shooters, eventually went on to become a franchise all of its own. One of the original team even went on to create PUBG, which eventually turned into the original Battle Royale.

Your Resume In A Mod

These days, the best mods are generally seen as a demonstration of a programmer’s capability. Finding a job with a major studio is all the more likely when someone can quickly, easily showcase what they are capable of.

But even if not finding a job through the support of a mod project, DayZ and PUBG are a perfect example of what can come of a truly exceptional bit of effort and passion. Of course, most mods aren’t on the level of DayZ, and are nothing more than a hobby for a few ambitious amateur coders. But the fact that these little projects have become a thriving, ever growing online community is testimony to the creativity of the online world. Many agree that the enduring success of the Fallout franchise, for example, is almost entirely based on the game’s built-in support for mods.

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