Best Education Software Applications

Best Education Software Applications

Technology makes life easy on many fronts, and one area that is getting the most from technology is education. Learning and teaching are traditionally tough, and while books work, they get bulky. Books are also expensive. So, instead of carrying a heavy load or spending a lot on books, why not get software that will let you access every educational resource from one device. Besides, you will be doing your part protecting the environment.

  • Language Reader

Any French Tutor Toronto appreciates the power of this software. It is language software as the name suggests. It takes advantage of Microsoft speech technologies, and it provides a rich on-screen reading experience as long as you enable the multilingual voices.

Besides French, it supports voice for English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

It is easy to use, and you can select text using your mouse, and then you will hear the selected text being read when you press a key on your keyboard. It is intuitive, and it will make it easy for you and your students to learn fast.

You can also use this software if learning a new language.

It supports document formats like Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Text, and HTML.

  • MySpellingGenie

If you have a student preparing for their school SATs or a spelling Bee Contest, you should consider getting this software. It is the perfect English dictionary software for students to learn synonyms, spellings, word definition, and pronunciation. You will like it because the pronunciation of the words is through a humanized voice.

It is Windows-based, intuitive, easy and fun to use, and you don’t require any malware or spyware for it to work. It also features a pre-built word list for NFL Spelling Bee Contests, and you can create your login account. You can also separate lists of words.

You can use it with or without an internet connection.

  • Phonics and Reading With McGuffey

This is a complete computer-based training system for beginning literacy which emphasizes phonics instruction. It is affordable, and it doesn’t require any technical training. It has 52 lessons each of which introduces new letter sounds that get incorporated into new words.

This is a great software that combines phonics and reading practice. To improve fluency, spelling and sight word practices are included. For an introduction, letter sounds get introduced with an animation along with an onset word plus a sound effect. Newly introduced words incorporate new sounds and the reading practices guide.

  • Flower Coloring Pages

This software lets kids color by numbers making learning easy. As kids learn to color, they also learn how to use computers. There are different shapes and sizes for coloring, and besides boosting their creativity, kids learn to identify numbers and colors.

  • KeyBlaze Free Mac Typing Tutor

If you’d like lessons on speed typing and touch typing, this is your go-to software. It has typing lessons for Home, Neighbor, Case keys, etc.  It offers practice exercise categories which include revision, prose, drills, and poems. It is easy to use, and you get tested on your typing skills at various intervals. Upon completion, you will get a printable course completion certificate.

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