5 Essential Study Apps for College Students

Studying can be an exhausting, disorganized experience that will make you want to run far, far away from campus. However, studying is a critical part of your curriculum and responsibility when you are a college student. Whether you are going to University of Cincinnati or Georgia State University, a healthy percentage of your daily experience will be devoted to studying. There will be exams, quizzes and more that you have to focus on and tons of information that you have to memorize. Luckily, there are a number of apps for studying that make it a lot easier to keep all the information inside and prevent a situation where you have to cram. Cramming can actually have a negative effect, because it can cause you to lose information. If you spend too many nights cramming, it could really start to hurt your grades. The best part about some of these apps is that they are like free tutors kept neatly on our phone or tablet. Here are five essential study apps for college students.

  1. Evernote

If you have terrible handwriting, or if you just want to have a simpler way of jotting down notes, Evernote is an essential app. Indeed, note taking will be a crucial part of studying, so making this process more organized is a huge plus. What you have to realize is that the better your notes are, the better equipped you will be to crush it on your exams.

  1. StudentPlanner

If you are having trouble keeping up with your exams and when they are going to happen, you definitely want to download StudentPlanner, which will help you keep track of the days and times that your exams will happen. This app will also remind you when your test day is approaching, which will help you put the pedal to the metal when it comes to cracking open your text book and really reviewing the information.

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  1. Google Translate

When you do study, there is a chance that you will run into text that is in French or Spanish. In fact, there are a lot of English words and phrases that are derived from French – some of these phrases and words aren’t translated. If you are reading a book or a piece of text with a phrase or word you don’t understand, you can simply open up Google Translate and have the information translated instantly.

  1. StudyBlue

This amazing application completely digitizes the flash card studying method. If you are in a collegiate program that requires you to memorize a lot of information, StudyBlue will be your ultimate guide. The best part is that it doesn’t take that much room on your phone – opposed to littering your room with notecards.

  1. Dictionary

On top of everything, every student needs a dictionary app on their phone or tablet. There will undoubtedly be times when you will need to look up a word. If you are studying for a major exam and you aren’t clear on the definition of a word, it can really trip you up on your impending exam.

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