10 signs it’s time to show your SEO provider the door

For every quality SEO provider out there, there is another agency that just simply isn’t up to scratch. How can you distinguish the bad from the good? These ten warning signs are all worth looking out for.

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Duplicated, poor quality content

You’ll rapidly know a dubious agency if they are simply replicating articles and changing the odd word here and there. Look for genuine, value-adding content that is meaningful to a human reader.

Long-expired tactics

It’s easy to do a quick search online and find out what the latest SEO strategies are and it is well worth doing so if you get the sense that your own SEO provider is using old-fashioned approaches.

An excess of blog posts

Blogs are essential, but they’re just part of a broader optimisation strategy. A quality SEO agency in Northern Ireland can advise.

A depressed bounce rate

The bounce rate indicates engagement, but it is not the only important metric. If your SEO agency is promising a dramatically lowered bounce rate, find out how they are planning to do it. If they are simply adding back-end script, alarm bells should ring.

A menu of SEO services

An SEO provider such as SEO Belfast agency Ryco Web won’t simply present you with a menu of SEO options; they will create a strategy that works for your business and have the expertise needed to advise you on what you need.

A ranking guarantee

No agency can guarantee a particular web ranking, so avoid those that claim to be able to do so.

Cheap services

Automated SEO is cheap but doesn’t get you results. You need to pay for people who are experts in the field to deliver your programme of work and put in the time.

Set-up charges

Agencies that charge a set-up fee are probably taking you for a ride. Find out exactly what additional work this represents and get a breakdown.

Google analytics access – or lack thereof

If your agency will not give you access to the Google Analytics account they have set up for you, they are highly suspicious.

A lack of monthly reports

All good SEO providers will offer a monthly status report to show progress, rankings, organic traffic, lead trends, conversions and more.

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