Making sure that your app is bug free

Building a bug-free app is not impossible, but making it bug free costs time and money. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques that can be used to ensure your application software remains as bug free as possible.

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Your app will have bugs – it is almost impossible to avoid them. Any app that is designed to run on a mobile device will encounter bugs that you can’t avoid, such as network issues and security and privacy settings; however, you can make your app virtually bug free by following this simple guide.

Improve security

According to OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), there are risks in every layer of a mobile device, from how data is transmitted to unauthorised network connectivity. Identifying weak spots in security at an early testing stage can rule out the requirement for unnecessary retesting again and again.

Review your code

Pair up with another programmer or hire a software testing service such as to review your code. Today, many developers work in pairs to minimise the chances of the code causing a bug. What one person misses, another one can often spot.

Automated testing

If you want to test your automated programming interface, do some automated testing. There are many frameworks available now that can do this for you; therefore, you do not need to be an expert in this field.

Beta testing

If you want to test your application on the end user before release, look at beta testing first. This enables you to test and retest amongst a user group until you get the code right. Beta testing on different operating systems will enable you, as the developer, to iron out most of the bugs that will cause your app to crash on release.

Employ testers dedicated to your app

Hire a group of testers who are dedicated to your project by using a software testing service as part of your quality assurance.

Implement a debugger

If you have a good debugger in place, there will be no need to keep changing code or trying to solve bugs. There are some web application development platforms out there that make it difficult to debug manually; therefore, the use of an automated debugger can go a long way towards making sure your app is bug free.

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