New Age Careers Thanks to Social Media

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A constantly changing and ever more connected world has had an enormous impact not just on the way we look for jobs, but on the job market itself. Ten years ago, job titles like ‘social media influencer’ or ‘app developer’ simply didn’t exist! And when we look at all the technologies of recent times, social media has arguably had the biggest influence of all – changing the way that businesses big and small interact with their customers forever. Let’s take a look at some of the careers available in social media today, why we need them, and what role they play in today’s digital landscape.

Digital marketer:

While it’s easier than ever for someone to create their own website, launch an online service or offer their skills or trade online, there’s also an ever-growing sea of competition! Trying to stand out above the rest and actually get your offering noticed is no mean feat – and that’s where the role of digital marketing comes into its own.

10 or 15 years ago, most companies relied on print or radio adverts to spread their message; but with more and more potential customers getting their news and entertainment online, reaching the right audience with the right message can be a lot trickier! A digital marketer will often combine several digital channels – such as social media campaigns, email newsletters, website optimization and design, online advertising and other platforms to raise awareness of a brand online, develop their digital footprint, and basically get them noticed! Social media is a crucial component, as its often the first line of contact between a brand and their current and potential customers.

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Social media manager:

Big international brands have learned that they ignore the power of social media at their peril, and with more than 1.5 billion active Facebook users in 2015, it’s easy to see why. With customers all over the globe and in several time zones, being available for each and every one of them all the time is a daunting prospect! An increasing number of consumers prefer interacting with a brand through their favorite social media channel to actually picking up the phone, meaning that the need for this type of manager is only going to grow.

Aside from dealing with customers, a social media manager is also responsible for making sure that the kind of content put out on various social media platforms is in line with the branding and image of their client. A social media manager needs to be completely in sync with what a brand stands for, what kind of content their customer base will enjoy (and equally, what might offend them!) and what’s actually going to encourage customers to interact with and support the brand they represent.

Social Media Influencer:

While it certainly doesn’t fall within the classic description of a ‘job’, the role of a social media influencer is perhaps the perfect example of how social media is changing the face of business. An influencer is an individual who has such authority and such a large following of fans, a digital celebrity, if you like – that brands can find it useful to align themselves with them, and therefore gain exposure in the eyes of their fans and followers. If one of these influencers gains a liking for a product you make, you can gain huge exposure through their mentioning you favorably.

Other types of social media influencers include thought leaders, industry experts and bloggers, whose reputation among their followers means that their opinion of a brand or product can have a major impact on their business or sales.

Blogger / Content Writer:

While we don’t tend to think about it much, every article, website, social media post and product description we read online had to be written by someone – and in the case of brands or businesses, that’s often their team of content writers. Just as a social media manager needs to be in line with the message their client is trying to send to the world at large, a content writer needs to be able to put that message into words! Companies will often use article marketing as a means of getting backlinks and traffic to their website and will recruit a content writer to put these articles together.

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A blogger, on the other hand, is often someone who just writes about the things they love or have a passion for. If enough people like what they’re writing about, they can create their own income from the web traffic their blog attracts – and social media can be a valuable source of this traffic.

One thing’s for sure, social media has changed the way we do business, and we can only expect more opportunities and new job titles to come!

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