Shamans in Peru accept Bitcoin payments

Not so long ago people didn’t even know what Ayahuasca is. Nowadays, thanks to internet, the information about ceremonies with Ayahuasca is way more accessible and easy to find. This sacred ritual can help those people, who are serious about changing their lives, and feel deeply inside that they are ready for the next level awareness. A journey to Peru in “Moyano” healing centre is comfortable, safe and also incredibly beneficial for a person. For the maximum convenience of the guests, the centre’s shaman Rider Arevalo made a decision to incorporate a cryptocurrency as one of the payment options.

1. Is it profitable to pay for Ayahuasca ceremonies with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most sought after cryptocurrency at this moment. Regular money is possible to exchange into Bitcoin just in a couple of minutes. That’s why using this cryptocurrency is very convenient for the online payments. 

Rider Arevalo’s «Moyano» healing centre introduces the most advanced payment options for the guests, including cryptocurrency. That’s a great news for people who own online wallets with Bitcoins. Now it is possible to make a quick and easy payment with cryptocurrency, that doesn’t require additional fees and transactions through the regular bank accounts. 

2.    Advantages of Rider Arevalo’s centre

After the world became aware of the healing ceremonies with Ayahuasca, many people have interest in this matter. People make a decision to improve their lives by travelling to shamans from another continent.

The effect of the healing ceremony will be much more authentic and beneficial in Peru. Shamans there live their lives passing the sacred knowledge from one generation to another inside the family lineage. The knowledge that allow one to enter into a different mysterious world. People travel to Peru, guided by their inner calling for a personal growth and healing. 

Rider Arevalo’s healing centre “Moyano”  provides guests various services for the pleasant experience:

  1. A comfortable living accommodations.
  2. An incredible nature surrounding the centre with many amazing places in walking distance. That is an absolutely gorgeous location not only to work with the shaman, but also to rest and recharge.
  3. A variety of treatment procedures, based on ancestral Peruvian medicine are offered to the guests.
  4. Diverse programs, that include an integrated approach to each of the guests.
  5. Advanced payment systems, including Bitcoin payment option.

Rider Arevalo is a part of a strong shamanic lineage. He has many years experience of healing people with the knowledge of traditional Peruvian plant medicine. 

3.    Important Information about healing with Ayahuasca

A tour to Peru to “Moyano” healing centre is suitable for the travellers that are in search of healing, opening their life path and who are ready for the enlightenment. Here people can get acquainted with the unique culture and ancestral medicine of the Shipibo shamans. Ceremony with Ayahuasca not only improves physical health, and brings refreshing changes into one’s life, but also fulfills the deepest wishes by expanding one’s consciousness and removing old b patterns. 

People come to realization that they need a ceremony with Ayahuasca in different ways. Some of them have had an interest in ancient teachings for a while, and for them that’s the way to discover the world around. Some of them are in need to overcome the hard life challenges with the help of Peruvian plant medicine. According to some travellers, they had felt the calling from inside to travel to Peru and to learn from Shipibo Shamans their ancient wisdom.

The plants that are used in ceremonies have quite unusual qualities. That’s why ceremonies with Ayahuasca require the presence of an experienced shaman who has deep knowledge and understanding in order to lead a safe ceremony.

4.    What the preparation for the ceremony looks like?

There is not only the mental preparation for the participation in the ceremony, but also a physical one called dieta. A preparation dieta is very important, and must be strictly followed before and after ceremonies. The preparation diet excludes all alcoholic beverages, all recreational drugs and some of the food products, such as red meat, salt, sugar, dairy and etc. 

Limiting the informational intake is crucial as well. It is suggested to avoid watching television, overusing the internet and other entertainment things for a few weeks. Relaxation, meditations, yoga and creative practices are recommended for the better tuning in to the plant energies.

Find your life path, improve your spiritual state, and become a happy person in the healing centre of Rider Arevalo “Moyano”. Bitcoin payment option for all services is available here.

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