The Ins And Outs Of Salesforce Mass Email

Salesforce services have become very popular among business manager, marketers, and business owners. The array of tremendous capabilities that Salesforce accords this group of people is, simply put, too great to ignore. One of the services that make Salesforce very popular is the Salesforce mass email.

There are tons of customizations that can go into an email to ensure it can achieve the specific goal that an individual wants to achieve. Among such customizations include making branded letterheads, making HTML emails that are emails that are more interactive for example by having clickable links and creating HTML templates. One is also able to track the performance of the email sent by having a function that shows you whether or not the email was delivered or not as well as whether the email was opened or not.

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Image Source: Google Image

However, the pinnacle of the email function is the ability to send emails blasts to a contact list. This is what make the Salesforce mass email such a unique and so popular with many people.

Salesforce Mass Email Limitations

Before delving into the intricate procedures of sending blast emails using Salesforce, it is important to acquaint oneself with the limitations of the services.

One of the limitations of the Salesforce mass email services is the amount of email that one can send per day. The maximum number is 1,000 emails in a single day (24 hours counted using the Greenwich Mean Time). However, the actual number of email that one can send depends on the Salesforce edition that one is using. For you to send the maximum email number, you have to be using the Unlimited Edition. If you are using the Enterprise edition, that number falls to 500 emails per day. If you use the professional edition, the number falls even further to 250 emails per day.

This limitation is not placed to create exclusivity of any sort but rather to ensure that the emails can be delivered by the system. They also do it to ensure that only appropriate emails are sent from their servers, thereby reducing the probability of the emails being flagged as spam emails. To bypass this limitation, many companies seek the services of third party email providers who enable companies to send more emails in a single blast than Salesforce can.

How To Send Email Blasts From Salesforce

The first step in the process is to create an email template. After that is done, in the Salesforce interface, click the ‘Leads’ or ‘Contact’ tab. While in that page scroll down to ‘Tools’ section and select the ‘Mass Email Leads’ option.

A mass email wizard will appear. The first activity in the mass email wizard is the select or create an email list. If you have a pre-existing email list, you can choose it from the leads list. Otherwise, you can create one with the ‘Create New View’ option.

After creating or selecting a contact list to send the email to, click ‘Next’. After that choose the email template that you want to send. You can preview the email in the next step by clicking ‘Preview’. The next page is the confirmation page, where you are accorded with several options to choose from, including, mass email name, use my signature, store an activity for each email, BCC me on the message, and processing options.

The next and final step you are presented with the delivery methods, where you can choose from ‘Send Now’ and ‘Schedule for delivery on’. Then click ‘Send’ then ‘Finished’, to complete the work.

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