How To Perfect The Movie Watching Experience On Cinema Box

Watching movies and TV shows on your PC,  Android device and big TV screen for free had been made possible by downloading and installing the powerful cinema box app. The process is intensely simple with the Cinema Box apk file needed to be downloaded. However, the source for download is not available in Google Play, you need to head over the security option of the settings for your android device and enable unknown sources. This ensures a smooth installation of this stupendous app and you are ready for some wholesome entertainment in a jiffy.

One of the huge pluses you get after downloading the app is its size. The 60MB app will not make a dent to the memory on your Android phone or tab while you can continue to watch movies, TV shows and what not on your device along and as often you wish to do so.So, do not hesitate to make cinema box HD your friend for all seasons and be sure to utilize the awesome features in order to have a wonderful experience that takes you away from the daily drudgery of life.

The app has garnered an unprecedented level of popularity of late and has become the first choice of film buffs in USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, and India. The entire process of downloading and installing the app is no rocket science fortunately and can be done by following just a few steps. Unfortunately, a few of the users have reported difficulties in trying to download movies. It is time to put the problem to rest once and for all and spend an enjoyable hour or more seeing your favorite characters in action.

Download Tips

Read on for pointers on how to download films via cinema box perfectly. It is definitely the best way to do it according to the consumers.

  • Download the cinema box apk or the cinema box iOS application, if you have failed to install it in your device as yet.
  • Select the icon that appears on the top right corner of your screen in order to select as well as open the movie you are interested to watch.
  • Be sure to click on the ‘OK’ option on the pop up and the download of your chosen movie is sure to start immediately

Quick Fixes for common problems

Issue #1- What if you encounter a problem and the movie is unable to download spontaneously? Do not be at your wit’s end though for there are fixes that can help to enjoy an uninterrupted show henceforth. Check to find the details below:-

  • Choose the settings on your mobile phone / other device and go to the time option.
  • Change the default time to the beginning of 2015 i.e. 01/01/2015 and save
  • Update the automatic date / time accordingly

That’s all! You can now play the movie without any issues.

Issue #2- Being unable to play the link is yet another common problem that users have to contend with. This is usually a common problem encountered by the ones who made use of VShare to install the app in the first place. No worries, this can be solved without much ado too. Check:-

  • Turn off the app completely.
  • The mobile data i.e. 3G/4G/Edge need to be put off too
  • Next it is the turn of your Wi-Fi radio. Put it off.
  • Run your app without the data connection
  • Turn the data on ( 3G or Wi-Fi) and play any video

It should work now.

Issue #3– The message that states cinema box not working is one of the most common problems faced so far. It simply implies that the app has been updated but you do not have the latest version installed yet. Do find the link for the latest version and install it ASAP.

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