Are Streaming Services Going Too Far To Be Viable?

Are Streaming Services Going Too Far?

There was once a time when there was only one real streaming service. Or at least, only one that anyone cared about. Netflix. It grew at a rapid pace, building up a library of content that exceeded even the wildest expectations. Plus, it was all accessible at an extremely reasonable price per month. Virtually everyone adopted Netflix, making it the giant of the video streaming world. The latest Hollywood movies, the best series, and everything in-between were all available on Netflix.

Netflix also then began to produce massive amounts of their own content, and although not all these in-house produced shows were good, there was a vast amount of them. It seemed as if, inevitably, Netflix would rule the entertainment world. At least to some extent.

But then something changed. New streaming services began to be introduced on a regular basis, splitting up audiences, confusing the situation, and suddenly making streaming a confusing prospect.

Not So Convenient

One of the biggest original draws of Netflix is that it was extremely convenient. One monthly payment, one account, and an ocean of entertainment. It became the standard for customers to ‘binge’ Netflix shows, watching entire seasons of series, perhaps even while playing online pokies NZ on their phone. It was an easy to understand, simple transaction, with virtually no drawbacks. Plus, of course, it was significantly cheaper than regular paid television subscriptions.

The first major competitor was Amazon, offering a similar service, but luring customers with their own selection of exclusive content. Now customers had two services to choose from, although it was still cheaper to subscribe to both Amazon and Netflix, rather than a standard TV bundle.

Recently, however, the floodgate has opened, and streaming service have begun to seem like an overwhelming nightmare.

Where To Start?

The most recent, big name competitor to Netflix and Amazon is Disney+. All Disney content has slowly been stripped from Netflix and added to the dedicated Disney+ streaming service. This once again splits interest, complicates the matter, and makes streaming less convenient and appealing. This is just the beginning.

Hulu, Amazon Prime, Fubo TV, Sling TV, CBS All Access, HBO Now, and others. The list has become so long, and so confusing, that most don’t even know where to start. Various packages, from the various services, have landed up becoming an overwhelming task of trying to understand what you are getting. Just like the TV packages they aimed to replace.

What was once a simple transaction has gradually become a nightmare, and already streaming services have begun to seem like too much hassle to bother with.

A Natural Evolution

It was, of course, inevitable that new services would spring up. Given that Netflix became a behemoth company in a short space of time, spreading across the world at a breakneck pace, other companies would inevitably want their piece of the pie.

But the downside is that the cluttered new market has lowered the appeal of streaming across the board. At this rate, many may simply decide to stick with old fashioned TV network packages, given that at least they understand what the services are, and what they’re paying for.

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