Essential Apps For Business Professionals

Perfect Apps For Business Benefit

There was once a time when a business professional had to rely on pen and paper, a sharp mind for management, having three telephones on their desk, and being an expert at multi-tasking. These days have long passed, with smartphones and specialised apps opening up a world of efficiency solutions.

One person can now have a world of business professionalism right in their pocket, 24 hours a day. Of course, this is assuming that they utilise this potential correctly. Simply having a smartphone isn’t good enough. The correct apps on that phone make all the difference. To that end;here are some of top apps that could help streamline the efficiency of you and your work force.


SurveyMonkey is designed to quickly and easily create surveys. Many companies struggle to understand what their customer base needs, but this can all be solved by this one app that will grant customers the freedom of anonymous feedback. In fact, the whole system is designed to be anonymous, meaning that it can also be used internally. Teams can communicate with one another without the possible negative personal backlash, the benefits of which speak for themselves.

Dropbox Business

The transfer of data is more important than ever before. Project files need to be sent back and forth on a daily, or even hourly basis. Dropbox business allows for this in the most stream-lined fashion possible. Plus, customisation allows for necessary security measures to also be taken into consideration, avoiding potentially sensitive information landing up in the wrong hands. Turn your phone into the ultimate work station, and still have the freedom to visit Bingo Café UK , on the same device in your downtime, if you want.


No matter what business you’re involved in , you probably need to make notes regularly. Evernote is your ultimate solution, storing voice, text, or photographic notes quickly and easily. A simple app, but one that every business professional could benefit from enormously.


Signatures are a pain no longer with DocuSign . This app allows signatures to be captured digitally, and shared quickly with the department that requires them. It cannot be overstated how much admin this simple app clears up in the business world. Best of all, it will work on your touchscreen smartphone.

SOS Online Backup

Automatic backing up of important information is essential. Have SOS Online Backup on your smartphone and workstations and never worry about losing important data again. There should not be a business in the world that doesn’t have this sort of backup installed. Plus the stored data comes standard with military grade encryption services, so it is also safe from potentially catastrophic data leaks.


Last we have Fuze. Fuze is the ultimate in transforming a smartphone into a communication hub. It instantly allows video conferencing across all platforms and devices, breaking down barriers. It is possible to video chat with other smartphones, desktops, or tablets, without restriction. Get it installed on the communication devices of your workforce and stay in contact 24 hours a day, with no excuses.

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