Essential Software That Every PC Enthusiast Needs

Essential Software For Your Home PC

PC enthusiasts tend to spend vast amounts of time and effort when it comes to hardware. But, in many cases they are not so picky when it comes to software, which is a pretty big oversight. The installed software often goes a long way to determining how well the PC will run, and more to the point, it will go a long way to determining how user friendly the PC is. What good is it having a powerful PC when it runs like dirt?

This is our list of software that is essential to have installed, and should be considered essential when it comes to keeping a Mac or Windows PC up to date, and running smoothly.


First up we have TreeSize. This simple, yet priceless software is the ultimate solution to keeping track of what you have on the hard drive, how much space is being occupied by which files. More importantly, it shows where space can be saved.

All too often PC users let their hard drive get cluttered up with mountains of unnecessary, and even useless, software. For example, driver packs are downloaded and installed on a regular basis, yet many tend to look that after installation, the base package remains in the ‘downloads’ folder. These forgotten lumps of useless software add up over time, and can eventually swallow up a huge slice of space. TreeSize will help with just such a situation.


This one is not just useful, it is one hundred percent essential, and shame on all those that don’t have it already.

We all do a little ‘off the grid’ internet surfing from time to time, following click here prompts into unexpected places. But often the link isn’t going to a safe sports betting site, but to somewhere we probably shouldn’t be. The result? Picking up malware, adware, and a ton of other such nasty little PC hinderers.

Malware and adware are beyond annoying, and will easily slash performance and destroy user experience. The solution is simple; Malwarebytes. This nifty, small program will quickly and easily sort out any malware picked up along the way. Best of all; it’s free.

VLC Media Player

The problem with Windows Media Player is that it just isn’t very well made. Microsoft have crammed far too much into something that doesn’t need to be anywhere near as complicated, turning the simple act of wanting to watch a clip into a painfully slow and tedious experience.

The solution is VLC Media Player. It is lightning fast, and does exactly what you expect it to. Watching videos of any size, and encoded with any obscure codex, is fast and simple. Just don’t forget to keep it updated. Truth be told, this little, highly capable bit of software puts Microsoft to shame, making you wonder what exactly the big brains in that multibillion dollar corporation were thinking. We just want to watch a video, Microsoft, not download the album covers for every song we have on our hard drive. Good grief.

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